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Small Business Tech Support

Getting the Proper Tech Support can be a Dreadful Task for any Small Business owner

Firstly, if you were to receive tech support from an outside professional then you should expect to pay expensive fees. Here are some tech support options that you may consider:

  • - Bringing your computer to a computer repair facility
  • - Have a computer repair technician come to your place of business
  • - Speak with tech support over the phone to fix your computer problems

These repair costs could cost your small business hundreds and hundreds of dollars for each computer. Don't be surprised if you see a bill running into the thousands of dollars for only a couple days of work!

Don't Worry, There is a Solution with RedlinePC.comTech Support Plan

The solution is to team with RedlinePC.comso that small monthly fee can provide you with immediate tech support. We offer protection for your small business' computers and IT networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!

By Teaming up with support, you can focus on your more important business operations while you let us maintain and repair your computer networks. Additionally, you will be able to provide performance data and alerts to our support team here at Array. In response, we can deliver rapid service and response according to your performance data and alerts. Our primary goal is to increase uptime and decrease downtime and costs towards repair. Our overall goal is to protect your IT infrastructure so that it never goes down! Our tech support is designed to repair and to protect.

For a quote on our tech support program please request a quote or call us toll free: (631) 862-7050.

Why is it so Important to Back Up Your Data?

Back up your data before you repair your computers! Data loss is a major concern for any business. If you prevent data loss by accomplishing your own back ups then you are probably aware of the fact that you are most likely using a tape drive to back up your data. Tapes are very expensive; they require a lot of work and are generally fragile in nature.

Contact us for a centralized Clkoud computing sollution that WORKS!

Here at Redline, we can securely and remotely back up your data for you so that you and your employees don't waste time that could be spent on your more critical business operations.